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Art Market Monitor - Artelligence Podcast

March 2 2017

Art Market Monitor recently published Simon Hornby's interview with Marion Maneker where they discussed the history of Crozier, our role as a key player in the art industry, and the new phase of expansion for the business since joining forces with Iron Mountain.

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Crozier Announces Seven New Community Engagement Initiatives and Partnerships in the Arts

February 28 2017

Crozier is pleased to announce its support of 7 esteemed arts organizations through educational initiatives, pro-bono logistical services and event sponsorships.

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Newark Bound Magazine on Star Ledger Plaza

February 23 2017

The Newark Bound Magazine shares a piece that details our continued growth with our newest and largest addition of Star Ledger Plaza.  The article features quotes from Crozier's James Pantoleon and showcases the exceptional renovations we have done to bring the building up to Crozier standards.

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Artsy - Responsible Art Market Initiative

February 7 2017

Crozier's Simon Hornby was featured in Anna Louie Sussman’s article on the Responsible Art Market Initiative (RAM) for Artsy.  The article published online here discusses the impo

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Crozier Fine Arts Announces Acquisition of Cirkers

January 4 2017

Purchase expands Crozier's fine arts storage capability with 35,000-square foot Brooklyn facility.

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